1. Purpose

Two-wire sensors “RELIEF” (below the sensor) is intended to protect perimeters of different sites and to generate an alarm when an intruder crosses a detection zone.

2. General Information

2.1. The  principle of operation is to generate a volumetric detection zone of “peak” (visor) or “ground” connections between two insulated wires fixed parallel to each other on dielectric consoles. The wires form the linear part (LP) of the sensor. A transmitter is connected to its one end; a receiver is connected to the other end. The variation of electromagnetic wave parameters spreading from the transmitter to the receiver causes an alarm when a detection zone is crossed by the intruder. The consoles are located at an interval of 4 ... 6m along the perimeter. 
2.2. The sensor provides continuous, round-the-clock operation and keeps its characteristics at a temperature of –50˚C…+65˚C and humidity of 98% at a temperature of +35°C. There is a modification of the sensor –60˚C…+65˚C for the Extreme North regions.

3. Distinctive Features


3.1. Signal processing allows:
     - to use “TEACHING” mode (setup mode without control devices);
     - to carry out automatic operation self-diagnosis and indication of short circuit, breakage, incorrectly chosen length of a linear part without additional control means;
     - to introduce a fault indication;
     - to increase noise immunity, to protect against adverse weather conditions, circulation of small animals, landing of birds on the linear part wires.
3.2. Output: “dry” contacts or RS-485 interface to include the sensor in “FORTEZA-KS” system. It permits to extend its functional possibilities (distance control of the sensor operation, the possibility to receive the information about the sensor status, etc);
3.3. The detection zone repeats exactly the configuration and the relief of a protective boundary.  It permits to use the sensor for billowy areas or the objects where it is impossible to generate a detection zone along a fence free from other objects.
3.4. The sensor can operate on different fences; it can also operate on barbed wire fences.
3.5. Possibility to form a temporary break of the linear part (LP) (e.g. for car passage).
3.6. Protection against re-polarization, lightning discharges and high-voltage pickup.
3.7. Delivery of the mounting kits consists of two types of material: wooden or fiber-glass plastic.

4. Specifications

 4.1. Detection zone length is:
     - 25...250m  for “visor” (peak) connection;
     - 25...200m for ground connection;
 4.2. The distance between the wires is 0,5 ... 1,8m.
 4.3. Mean operating time for a false alarm is 3 months min.
 4.4. Supply voltage is 10…30 V.
 4.5. Maximum consumption current is 0,045 A; 0,2 A (with heating for the modification -60˚C).

  • May 01/2009

    PGI and FORTEZA Russia has signed a solo distributer contract to distribute Forteza products in EGYPT

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