FORTEZA 200 / 100 / 50

1. Purpose

The Electro Magnetic Wave linear sensors “FORTEZA-200”, “FORTEZA-100”, “FORTEZA-50” (below the sensor) are to protect the perimeter grounds of different sites and to generate a protective boundary of buildings and constructions (inside and outside).

2. General Information

2.1. The sensor is a bistatic Electro Magnetic Wave device. It consists of a receiver and a transmitter.
2.2. The principle is to generate an electromagnetic field between a transmitter and a receiver. The field forms a volumetric detection zone in the form of a stretched ellipsoid of rotation and registers the field’s changes when an intruder crosses the detection zone.
2.3. The sensor provides continuous round-the-clock outdoor operation at an ambient temperature -40ºC…+65ºC, for “T” modification is -50ºC…+65ºC.

3. Distinctive features

3.1. Thanks to high frequency (24 GHz) of the sensor operation,  the detection zone is narrow.  The detection zone’s width is 2 times less than one of “FMW-3” on the same sector’s length. It permits to use the sensors “FORTEZA” in the conditions of a narrow zone free from obstacles like walls, fences, trees and bushes. It is not necessary to divide a long sector into shorter ones. The sensors “FORTEZA” are a good solution for the perimeter sectors with plantings, short-cut sectors because of constructions, sectors with a road, etc.

3.2. As opposed to “FORTEZA-300/500” the modifications “FORTEZA-200/100/50” have smaller overall dimensions and the weight in 4 times less.

3.3. Unified assemblies and new antennas are applied in the sensor.  They have a narrow directional diagram which raises the interference immunity of the sensor.
3.4. The modification with the wired synchronization is produced under the order raising the tolerance to impulse interference immunities.

4. Specifications

4.1. Length of the detection zone is 10…200m.
4.2. Width of the detection zone at the length of the sector 200m -2,1m; at the length of the sector 100m -1,5m; at the length of the sector 50m – 1m.
4.3. Mean operating time for a false alarm is 3 months.
4.4. Supply voltage is 9…30 V.
4.5. Maximum consumption current is 0, 04 A.
4.6. Tx (Rx) dimensions are 211×130×105mm
4.7. Tx (Rx) weight is 1,3 kg

  • May 01/2009

    PGI and FORTEZA Russia has signed a solo distributer contract to distribute Forteza products in EGYPT

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