1. Purpose and general informationo:p>

1.1. The sensors “FORTEZA-FONAR” and “FORTEZA-FONAR-RC” (below the sensor) are intended to protect cottages, offices, office buildings, different objects which have strong requirements to the appearance or to the security masking. According to the type of the electron “stuffing” the detection zone is generated with monostatic or bistatic sensors and has a corresponding form. When an intruder crosses the detection zone, the sensor generates an alarm.

2. Distinctive Features

2.1. There is a wide choice of lantern enclosures: round and square, big and small. The variant of the standard design is given in photo (the enclosure is produced in Poland).
2.2. The units of the sensor are mounted in the enclosure of a garden lamp without any features of the security equipment presence.  The enclosure provides the sensors masking and the detection zone one.
2.3. The sensor is placed in the enclosure of a garden lamp and is used as a lamp and a sensor.
2.4. There is a separate input in the sensor to switch off the light. According to the customer’s order the switching on/off automation can be mounted in the sensor which is influenced by the changes of outside light.
2.5. Using the bistatic electronic “stuffing” the sensor has the following distinctive features:
a) Two transmitting or two receiving units are mounted in the enclosure of one lantern. It provides the operation of two adjacent protective sectors. According to the customer’s order one Rx (Tx) unit can be mounted in the enclosure of the lantern.
b) The wireless synchronization is used to avoid the sabotage overlapping or the overlapping of other Tx unit. It excludes the application of an additional cable used for the wire synchronization.
c) To adjust the sensor sensitivity more exactly, ”TEACHING” mode is introduced. Through the checking passageways it recovers a friendly signal among interferences and adjusts the necessary sensitivity for this sector.  Operating with the system “FORTEZA-KS” the sensors sensitivity can be changed with the computer.
2.6. The possible means of the alarm transmission are:
    - “FORTEZA-FONAR-NC” - by breaking “dry” contacts of the relay;
    - “FORTEZA-FONAR-485” - with RS-485 interface for the operation with “FORTEZA-KS” system. Costs for cabling are greatly reduced. And the possibilities of the sensor operation are widely used;
    - “FORTEZA-FONAR-RC” – over radio channel on the centralized surveillance control panel “FORTEZA-FONAR-CSCP” to check every sector, event and to connect to PC.
2.7. As a lighting unit power-saving lamps are applied in the lanterns.

3. Specifications

3.1. The detection zone dimensions depend on the type of the used “stuffing”:
bistatic “FMW-3/1” – length up to 75m, width up to 3m;
monostatic  “HAMELEON” or “SP4U40” – length 40m, width up to 15m, height 15m;
monostatic “HAMELEON” (curtain) or “SP4U40” – length 50m, width 5m, height 25m;
monostatic “HAMELEON” (fan) or “SP4U40” (fan) – length 50m, width 25m, height 5m.
3.2. Supply voltage is 220 V, 50 Hz.
3.3. Temperature is -40˚…+65˚C.

There is a special catalogue about these sensors ”TWO IN ONE. Electro Magnetic Wave sensors “FORTEZA-FONAR”.

  • May 01/2009

    PGI and FORTEZA Russia has signed a solo distributer contract to distribute Forteza products in EGYPT

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