1. Purpose

The purpose of Electro Magnetic Wave linear sensors of series “FMW-3”, “FMW-3T”, “FMW-3V” (below the sensor) is to protect perimeter sectors of different sites and to generate alarms when an intruder crosses a detection zone. The variety of series “FMW-3”, “FMW-3T”, “FMW-3V” gives a possibility to choose the necessary sensor according to the purpose, to optimize the application of the technical security solutions and to minimize the costs to produce the complete security complex of the objects at the expense of their cost difference.

2. General Information

2.1. The sensor is a bistatic Electro Magnetic Wave sensor consisting of a transmitter and a receiver.
2.2. The principle of the sensor operation is to generate an electromagnetic field in the space between a transmitter and a receiver. The field forms a volumetric detection zone in the form of a stretched ellipsoid of rotation and registers the changes of this field when an intruder crosses a detection zone.
2.3. The wired synchronization is issued under the order (receiver and transmitter are connected by the synchronization cable) and without it - the standard equipment.
The wired synchronization permits you to realize a working of the receiver and the transmitter in a pulsed mode with a large porosity. It significantly increases the immunity interference.
The additional synchronization between neighboring sets permits to increase the tolerance to overlapping of the neighboring sites and to sabotage one.
2.4. The sensor is intended for continuous round-the-clock outdoor operation at an ambient temperature: series “FMW-3”, “FMW-3V” is -40ºC…+65°C; series “FMW-3T” is -50ºC…+65°C and relative humidity up to 98% at the temperature +35°C.

3. Distinctive Features

3.1. High noise immunity.
3.2. The sensor is immune to the influence of strong electromagnetic fields (power lines up to 500 kV).
3.3. If the detection zone is specially prepared and the thresholds are adjusted,  the sensor can detect a crawling intruder.
3.4. “FMW-3V” series: it can be used in explosive room zones and outside facilities. Explosion protection of the sensors is provided by “spark safe electric circuit i” type of explosion protection. Explosion protection marking is 2ExicIIBT6 X.
3.5. There is a protection from storm discharge and high-voltage pickup.

4. Specifications

4.1. The length of a detection zone:
 “FMW-3 (T,V)” - 10 ... 300 m; “FMW-3/1 (T,V)” - 10 ... 100 m;
 “FMW-3/2 (T,V)” - 5 ... 50m.
4.2. The maximum width of a detection zone is:
 -5m when the length of a sector is 300 m; 
 -4 m when the length of a sector is 200 m;
 -3m when the length of a sector is 100 m;
 -2m when the length of a sector is 50m.
4.3. The minimum height of the sensor detection zone is:
 -1,8 m when the length of a sector is 300m;
 -1,6 m when the length of a sector is 100m;
 -1,4 m when the length of a sector is 50m.
4.4. Mean operating time for a false alarm is 3 months.
4.5. The sensor supply voltage is 9…30 V.
4.6. Maximum consumption current is 0,045 A.

  • May 01/2009

    PGI and FORTEZA Russia has signed a solo distributer contract to distribute Forteza products in EGYPT

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